If like me you’ve found yourself wanting to do more to help others during the Covid-19 crisis but have struggled to find out what or how, I hope this site will help.

I’ll post up appeals for volunteers, particularly from local groups and charities (if you’d like me to mention a project, please use this form) and, if I can, I’ll try to link up people in the village who need help with local volunteers and groups.

The aim is find the simplest and safest ways for us to help each other locally. Guided by Support Staffordshire, other voluntary agencies and the local authority, there are so many ways that we can help our neighbours and our community through the next few weeks. Not only with the big, difficult stuff but with small gestures to show we care about each other – a phonecall for a chat; a song outside a window; a drawing from a child.

If you’re interested in helping, go to this page to find out more.

If you need, or think you might need, our help then go to this page.

I’m Sue by the way. I live Tutbury with my husband Greg. I’m a university teacher and he runs (was running…) a small family engineering business. We’re both currently working from home and helping out as Red Cross community volunteers in Staffordshire.