We’ll update this page as we go along, but here are a few things you might want to know.

1. Why are we doing this? Because we all need to do our bit, from social distancing to make sure our family and friends are ok, and for some us that also means looking out for our vulnerable neighbours and struggling key workers, and the people who need our help most right now.

2. Are you making money from this? No, no and definitely no. In fact it’s costing us money, but that’s part of doing our bit. And you’ll notice there are no adverts on this website and we’re not asking you to tick a box to let us or anyone else send you marketing information or adverts.

3. What will happen to the information you collect from me? We won’t collect any more information than we need to be able to help you – for example your contact details or address – and we are mindful of our responsibilities to keep, store and limit the sharing of that date in relation to GDPR and these extraordinary circumstances.

That may include sharing information you give us about what help you need with other voluntary organisations, charities or local authorities in order to help you get that help. You are welcome to ask for a copy of our privacy notice and at any stage you can ask us not to share information you’ve given us, or ask us to delete information we may hold on you.

We’ll collected the minimum information we need to be able to link volunteers with people who need help and the task that needs to be done by the volunteer. You don’t need to tell us anything you don’t want us to know and we’ll never ask you for sensitive information, bank details, your bank card or anything that could put you at risk.

Once everything’s back to normal, this site will be deleted and the service will end. All the information collected to run the service – including your details – will also be deleted too.

4. How will I stay safe? No volunteer will be allowed to go into the house of the person they’re helping. We’ll make sure volunteers keep a safe distance away and wash their hands frequently – and we expect the same from the people we’re helping. Items will be left on doorsteps and we’ll make sure everyone involved knows what they can and can’t do to minimise risk.

For many volunteers, the task you’ll take on will mean you don’t even leave your own home – you may just be handling phonecalls or processing requests, for example. And any volunteer who has a cough or cold or any symptoms will only be allowed to help from home.

5. I don’t need any help but I think my neighbour might, what should I do? Let us know, and we’ll pop one of our leaflets through their door. It’s down to the individual to ask for our help, we can’t force anyone to accept it.