There are all sorts of ways you might be able to help, and it doesn’t have to be a regular commitment.

If you’d prefer to work through a charity or volunteer organisation, or are looking for more of a volunteering commitment, this page has links and guidance on the latest calls for volunteers in the region – including delivering food parcels or meals to vulnerable people and helping out on phone banks and advice lines. Click here for more.

If you are thinking of setting up to set up a limited project on your street or close by, this page has information on how to set up your own good neighbour project for your street or group of neighbours, including how to help each other in safe ways. Click here for more.

If you’d like to help in less regular or more informal way, use the form below to let us know what you could offer and we’ll try to link you up with people or groups that need you. Perhaps a bit of gardening for someone trapped in their home? Maybe you’re happy to chat on the phone, or could walk a dog for someone too ill to go out, or drop off some magazines? Get in touch via the form below.